Handgun Fundamentals Course
Handgun Fundamentals Course 30.05.2020
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National Stop the Bleed Month is a grassroots awareness campaign to reduce deaths from bleeding.

The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma developed a bleeding control course (Stop the Bleed) to teach hemorrhage control techniques to all people in order to reduce deaths from preventable causes.

It started in 2017 following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, National Stop the Bleed Month has helped tens of thousands of people connect with Stop the Bleed instructors. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of the official Stop the Bleed program.

In response to increasing mass casualty events worldwide, the pandemic and time to spare we decided to organise four STOP THE BLEED programs around Slovenia. This is the second year we are doing this program in Slovenian and we are happy to see more and more interest among people.

The first course that we organised was for civilians, competition shooters and gun owners… Population that needs this training mostly due to accidents that can happen on the range and in everyday life.

On this course we also held a fundraiser and all the money that was collected will be going into purchasing of CAT Tourniquets, that will be donated to local Police and Fire departments.
Who stand in harm’s way daily in order to protect us when the situation goes bad.

The other three courses we organised where for three fire departments and one police station in different areas of Slovenia. All of whom were eager to have refreshed the lifesaving skill of stopping the bleed and saving a life.

Thank you for coming and doing your part in order to make this world just a bit safer.

We hope to see you on the next course and in even bigger numbers.

Keep training and stay safe!
Black Bear Solution Team

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