SITE-B is Black Bear Solution’s main indoor training facility, enabling 24/7 year-round training opportunities. Located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia it features a training area of 800 square meters, 140 of which (70 per floor) comprise a full scale two-story furnished house mockup with multiple expansions planned for 2024. Additionally there are multiple simplified structures available for covering the basics and an array of mobile panels to allow creation of complex situations.

We are using exclusively Non-Lethal Training Firearms in our SITE-B activities, enabling us to significantly lower any risk of injury and provide insights to situations that would not have been possible using live-fire due to safety concerns. Force-on-force, vehicle work and RBT scenarios are all on the menu here at “The Beehive”.

Other amenities include a spacious team-room with lockers, a basic freeweight gym and the possibility of on-site catering and accommodation.

Reality-Based Training

RBT is a diagnostic tool designed to assess the operational preparedness of your team. By engaging participants in a series of meticulously crafted real-time scenarios, we are able to evaluate their skills, knowledge, mindset, and equipment usage under realistic conditions.


Following the assessment, we provide a detailed report suggesting areas of improvement and strategies for enhancement. This could range from identifying gaps in knowledge that need further training, to pinpointing the right equipment that could elevate team performance.


By creating highly realistic scenarios that mimic the challenges participants might face in real-life situations, we are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of their skills, mindset, and the effectiveness of their equipment. This immersive approach to training and assessment provides an unparalleled insight into the capabilities of each participant and the team as a whole.

Our Courses

We teach many of our pre-designed courses at Site B, and use our own or our partners’ flat range if we need the option of using live-fire.


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Follow the link below and fill out the form if you wish to work with us or use our facilty. Alternatively email us at training@blackbearsolution.com and we will try to accomodate your needs as best as we can.

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