Black Bear Solution

Dynamic Carbine/Handgun

Our Dynamic Handgun/Carbine Course focuses on taking the students a step further from static shooting, emphasizing the importance of moving and engaging targets in a fluid environment.

Shooters must be able to react and adapt to a number of different situations they find themselves in, this is why our dynamic handgun course teaches you how to react to a threat in a 360-degree situation.

We have shifted our basic dynamic Handgun and Carbine course to non-lethal training weapons (Arex MT-X) and combined the platforms (no differenciation between handguns and carbines, since the concepts of movement are very similar). The reasoning behind this is safety and building confidence. Students can now finally relax and focus on their movement, which is the goal of this course.


Blocks and timeline of course:

  • Course Intro presentation
  • Ready positions
  • Static shooting positions
  • Moving into static shooting position
  • Shooting while moving
  • Usage of cover
  • Target transitions
  • Combinations of learned skills
  • FoF confirmation of concepts

Equipment Requirements

  • Eye and ear protection
  • No live ammo
  • Belt and holster setup (optional)
  • Own AR platform (MT-X bolt can be installed) (optional)
  • Own non-lethal training weapon (Airsoft etc.) (optional)
  • Kneepads and other protective equipment (optional)

Registration & Payment

All Courses require pre-payment at the time of registration. All courses have a limited amount of spots available and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the course is canceled by Black Bear Solution, we will contact you to see if you would desire a 100% refund of your payment or if you’d like to be moved to a different time/date. Your application can be cancelled for a full refund in the first 48 hours from purchase, after that full refunds are not possible.

For all international customers, we will provide a recommended list of hotels and other useful services or any other support they might need.