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Marksmanship Evaluation Course (MEC) by CTT Solutions LLC

Level 1/Level 2/Level 3 by cumulative time per course of fire and Distinguished Expert/Expert/Sharpshooter/Marksman by score

  • Course is shot cold and cannot be attempted within 1 hour of first attempt or more than 2 times in one day.
  • All strings begin from holster with hands relaxed at sides; target is standard USPSA Metric @ 10 yards with 30” edge to edge. A, C and D zone hits in the body are scored as per USPSA minor. A/B heads are counted as D’s unless called prior
  • Expert 225-250 (90-100%), Sharpshooter 200-224, Marksman 175-199 (Level 1/2/3 times posted)
  • 25 Yard string (#8) must begin with 10 rounds evenly distributed between two magazines. String requires the reload be at slide lock
  • Lowest level on any one string is highest level that can be achieved.
  • Misses and procedurals (improper start position, sequence, number of rounds fired) assess a 10-point penalty.
  • Extra shots will be subtracted from the A-zone along with the 10-point penalty
  • Duty holsters with Level 2 retention subtract .25 closed top duty magazine pouches subtract.25 seconds
  • Concealment
  • Subtract .25 seconds for every action from concealment. -.25 for draw, -.25 for reload.
  • No IDPA/fishing/photo vests unless that is your duty uniform
  • Must have factory slide to frame dimensions *no long-slide guns, no comps
  • Holsters and pouches must be specifically designed for concealment use
  • Distinguished Expert (Level 1 only and no handicap for concealment but annotated as Distinguished Expert-C) 250 points with every individual time met per string (not just cumulative time)