After a succesful live-fire course in Slovakia this summer, the Triarii boys are coming back to SITE-B. The course curriculum will stay mostly unchanged from last year, so having completed the previous course is not required. This year we will be adding a low-light/no-light module.


The course and curriculum will be led by Buck (@buckshot313) and Tyler (@wammer_hammer) from Triarii (@triariigroup_)with support from the Black Bear team. The course will take place entirely in the Black Bear Solution indoor training center (SITE-B) in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. The facility includes multiple simplified rooms for covering the fundamentals, team room with basic amenities and gym in addition to a two-story fully furnished house mock-up (140 square meters). 




    • Basic principles of room clearing
    • Assessing structures to understand the best plan of action to achieve the most desirable outcome
    • Decision making based on size and layout of structure
    • Clearing in small elements such as two man teams
    • Positive threat identification
    • Low-light/No-light
Note: This is a general overview, and is not set completely in stone. Should we recognize that we can provide more value to the students by adjusting the schedule and curriculum we will do so.
Throughout the course we will be using 100% non-lethal training weapons (Airsoft GBBR option provided and included in the price). There is no live ammo premitted in the facility. PPE (ballistic rated eyepro minimum) is mandatory, we also highly recommend a balaclava or equivalent in case of any force-on-force scenarios. A solid understanding of weapon handling and manipulation (AR-15, handgun) is required since this course will focus primarily on procedures and movement, less on the intricacies of weapon employment. 


We offer an option to upgrade to sim rounds and training weapons (Arex MT-X) at a higher cost (rental + ammo). If interested please contact us at



The price of the course includes full-time usage of the facility and availability of the instructors, equipment rental and cost of consumables, lunch on the first day of the course and a BBQ hangout at course finish, snacks and drinks on location throughout the course. 


The course fee is 620€ + tax. If interested in registering, please send us an email with student info (no. of students, their full name/address and contact information (email, phone)) on You will then receive payment info and after confirmation your spot on the course will be secured.



We have an agreement with two accommodation providers for a discounted price available to our students. When making a reservation, let them know that you are here for the Black Bear Solution educational seminar.



Austria Trend Hotel (Ljubljana) ****

+386 (1) 588 2500



Hotel Dolenjc (Novo mesto) ***

+386 (40) 501 010



Another option is staying at the facility overnight (camping) which is free of charge. Bring your own sleeping pad.



For any additonal info, please contact us on


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