The time is finally here, SITE-B is getting its opening ceremony and becoming a part of the Black Bear Ecosystem. This 800 square meter indoor training center in Novo Mesto will be the heart and soul of the Black Bear Community until we inevitably grow out of it and require even more space.

The Background

Why does SITE-B exist? Why can’t we just be satisfied with the tried and tested flat range courses we’re known for and trusted by so many of you as being one of the best sources of contemporary information and training concepts in this space?

Over the years we’ve been feeling stuck in the “flat range” mindset and approach to training. On a flat range there’s only so much you can do considering all of the safety constraints and specifics when it comes to live-fire training.

We found that the standard range is an irreplaceable part of a wholistic approach to training an individual, but once the focus of the training is not the actual manipulation of firearms and their application in a near-vacuum the drawbacks of doing live fire start to outweigh the benefits.

This is where SITE-B comes in.

The Facility

The warehouse, spanning 800 square meters (with an additional 200 sqm for potential expansion), has been equipped with a full-size mockup house comprising two stories, each measuring 70 sqm. This house is fully furnished, complete with functioning doors. Beyond the main building, that is also covered with CCTV cameras providing feedback to the students, three simplified structures have been included to introduce and practice fundamental concepts in a controlled environment before moving on to the more challenging and compact house. To adapt to various scenarios, we have incorporated movable walls that can be used to create different types of structures and room layouts.

Ample white space separates these structures, and a designated area for vehicle-related activities makes SITE-B versatile for a wide range of training scenarios. This includes force-on-force exercises, traffic stops, medical emergency simulations, and room clearance training.

SITE-B offers the perfect environment for assembling different components of the training puzzle. This involves combining various skill sets within a realistic environment where individuals with diverse roles can collaborate. The facility is designed to facilitate high-quality repetitions and reality-based scenario training, encouraging an open-minded approach.

In the next blog post, we will delve into our philosophy and the gradual shift in our training methodologies. In essence, our primary goal is to channel all our efforts into providing a space where knowledge, training, and the community can thrive regardless of the time or weather.

And by the way, there’s also a basic yet well-equipped gym available on location.


The Event

The official opening of the facility is happening on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH 2023.

Below is a rough timeline of events (subject to change).

11:30 INTRO
14:30 The vision for SITE-B and Black Bear speech
15:00 BEERS & HANGS at the Beehive Tiki Bar

Entry is free of charge. Bring a friend. Or two.

Workshop list

      • MT-X demonstration and testing (Proteus Research PR-15 & Arex Delta MT-X)

      • Airsoft demo and testing (by DEVTSIX)

      • Medic area (Equipment, STB workshops, capabilities)

      • Room Clearance intro (upstairs in main structure)

      • Working around vehicles (force-on-paper)

      • Rescue area (Firefighting & SAR)


    SITE-B is located in Novo Mesto, more specifically the BTC industrial area in Češča Vas. Parking is available in front of the warehouse, with an overflow parking in the back gravel area.

    See you there!