1. Intro

Summer Breeze is the first collaboration between Development Team Six, the world’s leading MILSIM and re-enactment community and Black Bear Solution, the premier defense training company in Slovenia. A week-long training experience offering diverse knowledge transfer from Slovenian and guest active and veteran SOF members. Featuring everything from lectures in a classroom setting to advanced force-on-force scenarios utilizing the Arex Defense MT-X training system and high level airsoft replicas. A new concept of learning theory and practical skills which are then immediately applied in a reality-based training scenario, which leads to better skill retention and a substantial entertainment value to the participant. Summer Breeze blurs the line between conventional instructional courses and a purely entertainment event. This is not a “hell-week” type of event, meant to test someone’s fortitude and pump egos of instructors and participants. While there will be some elements of “character building” the main goal is to learn by acquiring knowledge in a sterile environment and then applying those skills in a real-world scenario. You will be introduced to new concepts and refresh your knowledge on topics you maybe already feel comfortable in. This event includes 24/7 dedicated OPFOR units throughout the duration of the in-field phase of the week.

2. Topics covered

We are aware that this amount of different skillsets to be introduced and effectively learned in a week is practically impossible, which is why we will present you with the fundamentals and we will try to achieve understanding of basic concepts that form a foundation on which the participant and his team can build and improve upon.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Small Unit Tactics
  • Fundamentals of CQB / Room clearing
  • Intel gathering and SSE
  • Trauma care (Operative Casualty Care)
  • Covert and Overt equipment selection
  • Communication
  • Mission planning

3. Timeline

Summer Breeze starts on August 21 2023 and ends on the 27.

  • DAY00: Arrival + Meet & Greet
  • DAY01: Start of Training
  • DAY02: Classroom, Training Center & Field Activities
  • DAY03: Classroom, Training Center & Field Activities
  • DAY04: Classroom, Training Center & Field Activities
  • DAY05: Classroom, Training Center & Field Activities + ENDEX Barbecue / AAR
  • DAY06: Departure

4. Pricing & Logistics

The all-inclusive price (includes food, lodging, local airport transits, any potential equipment rental and 5 days of training) is €1,550 plus tax (if applicable).

We can arrange shuttles to and from the local Airport (Ljubljana Airport), the participant is responsible for any other transport required. We can assist with any questions or advice if needed.

💡 DISCLAIMER: All communication and intel released beyond this point and after enrolling will be in-character. (With the exception of logistics and other administrative issues, which will be addressed on a case-by-case basis)

5. The Situation

You are a small team of 10-12 operatives deployed to an European country, which is struggling with a number of organized crime groups in the area. The team will be operating out of a local intelligence agency blacksite. There is zero support or assets in-country, due to the nature of the mission. The local assets do not know of your presence since there is rampant corruption throughout the ranks of Law Enforcement and Military. ((REDACTED)) has been captured by the ((REDACTED)) organized crime group and is allegedly being held somewhere in the greater ((REDACTED)) area. The mission is hostage rescue. You are tasked with acquiring enough intel to find the exact location of the hostage and perform a rescue mission. You are being deployed to a normally functioning country, expect zero-footprint operations when outside of the cartel-controlled area. Should you get spotted or caught by the local law enforcement or cartel affiliated personnel, the mission is a total failure.

For all participants: new intel is estimated to drop on AUG 1st, after a meeting with a local source.

Click the button below to buy a ticket and secure your spot. If you want to apply as a team you can either select more spots and buy tickets in bulk or e-mail us ASAP at courses@blackbearsolution.com so we can accomodate a larger number of participants applying.